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Funding Model Update: In-app ads
Thanks to the Pioneers that submitted over 10,000 comments and ideas about how Pi could achieve more sustainable funding. Today’s post focuses on the most immediate avenue for building a more sustainable funding model: in-app advertising. After reviewing your previous feedback, we are moving forward with in-app ads. Below, we lay out the analysis of your feedback that helped lead to this decision and would now like to further gather your feedback on the types of ads we should implement, weighing factors such as user experience and potential ad revenue.
As we mentioned in the “Building Pi’s Funding Model” video, the most promising short-term avenue seemed to be in-app advertising because ads don’t cost money and are common in free apps. In the previous video, we requested that Pioneers leave us feedback on in-app ads. Our analysis of your feedback involved reading the many comments you submitted while factoring in the upvotes and downvotes. When it came to in-app ads, the comments were very supportive. Many Pioneers suggested that they would be willing to accommodate in-app advertising if it helped accelerate the development of the project.
One of the primary concerns expressed by Pioneers was the potential impact of ads on the user experience. Pioneers expressed a desire for ads to be not overly intrusive and have a minimal impact on the in-app experience. In order to gauge the best place to position ads in the application, we are now running a survey on the home screen of the application to gather more feedback. The options for ads placements in the survey include suggestions from the Core Team as well as suggestions that Pioneers contributed in our initial “Building Pi’s Funding Model” topic.
Once we get feedback from Pioneers about which ads they prefer in the application, we will enter into a testing period for in-app ads. This testing period will seek to strike the optimal balance between two key variables: ad revenue and impact on user experience. Advertising revenue is driven by factors like the number of views that ads receive, the number of people who click on the ads, as well as the type of ads (i.e., video ads tend to earn higher revenue than static banner ads). On the other hand, preserving user experience requires that the ads minimize their impact on the core functionalities of the app.
While there is often a tradeoff, balancing ad revenue and user experience is not always a zero-sum game. For example, one promising option is a video ad displayed when the app is loading. In this case, Pioneers would see an ad when they would otherwise be wasting time waiting for the app to load. To help us achieve this balance, take the survey on the home screen of the app. We look forward to your feedback!

感谢先驱们提交了超过10000条关于圆周率如何实现更可持续投资的评论和想法。 今天的帖子聚焦于建立一个更可持续的投资模式的最直接的途径: 应用内广告。 在回顾了你之前的反馈之后,我们将继续开发应用内广告。 下面,我们将对您的Pi App反馈进行分析,这些反馈有助于我们做出这个决定,现在我们希望进一步收集您对我们应该实施的广告类型的反馈,权衡的因素,如用户体验和潜在的广告收入。 正如我们在“打造 pi 的投资模式”视频中提到的,最有希望的短期途径似乎是应用内广告,因为广告不需要花钱,而且在免费应用中很常见。 在之前的视频中,我们要求先锋们对应用内广告留下反馈。 我们对你的反馈的分析包括阅读你提交的许多评论,同时将赞成票和反对票考虑在内。 说到应用内广告,评论都很支持。 许多先驱者表示,如果应用内广告有助于加快该项目的开发,他们愿意提供这种服务。 先驱们表达的主要担忧之一是广告对用户体验的潜在影响。 拓荒者表示希望广告不要过度干扰,对应用内体验的影响最小。 为了评估在应用程序中放置广告的最佳位置,我们现在正在应用程序的主屏幕上运行一个调查,以收集更多的反馈。 调查中的广告投放选项包括来自核心团队的建议,以及先驱者在我们最初的“建立 pi 的资金模型”主题中的建议。 一旦我们从先驱者那里得到关于他们喜欢应用程序中哪些广告的反馈,我们将进入应用程序内广告的测试阶段。 这个测试期将寻求两个关键变量之间的最佳平衡: 广告收入和对用户体验的影响。 广告收入受广告点击量、点击广告的人数以及广告类型等因素的影响(例如,视频广告比静态横幅广告的收入更高)。 另一方面,保留用户体验要求广告尽量减少对应用核心功能的影响。 尽管常常需要权衡,但平衡广告收入和用户体验并不总是一场零和游戏。 例如,一个很有希望的选项是在应用程序加载时显示视频广告。 在这种情况下,先驱者会看到一个广告,否则他们会浪费时间等待应用程序加载。 为了帮助我们达到这种平衡,请在应用程序的主屏幕上进行调查。 我们非常期待你们的反馈!